To the editor: Robin Trask on running for Andover Select Board

Hello Andover Voters:
My name is Robin Trask.

I would like to give my time and energy to one of the seats on the Andover Select Board.  I have served on the Andover Select Board previously, and was mentored by  Sam Chauncey and Harold “Red” Johnson, both wonderful men who served the town of Andover in a well-informed, honest and respectful manner.

My time on the Select Board was a great learning experience for me: It allowed me to see what hard work and the ability to come together for the betterment of our community could accomplish.  Unfortunately, I needed to leave the Select Board early due to a health issue with one of our children.

My husband Nick and I own a successful business in Andover. We have seen our community grow, and in the past year or so that growth has really exploded. I feel that my business background and ability to communicate with many people will make me a great board member. I enjoyed my past time on the Select Board and all that it taught me.

I feel, if elected, my previous experience will help me maneuver in the current issues Andover is facing. I like the idea of giving back to my community in productive ways. I will work hard to listen to all the taxpayers concerns and seek out your opinions.

I know that being born and raised in Andover was a wonderful privilege for myself and my children. I hope to get your vote so that I can bring my experience and good will to the board.

Most importantly, voting for me or not, I hope to see you out on Tuesday, March 1, or by mail-in ballot.  I thank you for your consideration and if elected, I look forward to working with and for you.

Robin M. Trask

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