Abe Gross: Vote for Steve, not for me!

Abe Gross is campaigning against himself. Photo by Steve Perani

By Shawn Cunningham
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Green Mountain school board member Abe Gross wants Cavendish residents to vote him out of office when the town holds its town meeting balloting on Tuesday, March 29.

In May 2021, Gross took one of two open seats representing Cavendish, saying that he had more than enough on his plate but volunteered to serve until the next election hoping  someone else would step in replace him in 2022. It didn’t work out that way.

Last Thursday, he told the Green Mountain board meeting that he waited until the final day to sign up to be on the ballot hoping someone would step up, but when no one did, he threw his hat in the ring.

Gross said he asked Steve Perani to run and when he spoke with him about it Perani said he was on the ballot. It turns out that when Cavendish pushed its town meeting to the end of March, it also extended the deadline for getting on the ballot and Perani did that in time.

But having put himself on the ballot, Gross found he could not get his name off so he did the only thing he could – by campaigning for Perani. Gross says he hopes everyone follows his example and votes for Steve Perani.

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