To the editor: Southern Windsor will be represented in Montpelier

People in the southern part of Windsor County have been reassured by knowing that one of their three senators, Alice Nitka, lives in nearby Ludlow, thinking of her as “the South’s Senator.”

When Alice retires at the end of this term, we’ll lose a meticulous, thoughtful legislator.  But folks in southern Windsor County should be confident that good representation in the Senate continues uninterrupted.

See June 10, 2022 Telegraph article: Morrow pulls out of Senate race: Remaining contenders are from northern part of county

The Windsor County delegation has long been a TEAM.  Incumbent Sens. Alison Clarkson and Dick McCormack have always paid attention to the south; directly with citizens and through southern House representatives, as well as in cooperation with Sen. Nitka.

While we’ll miss our colleague, our attention to the south remains.  And Rep. Becca White, who is seeking a Democratic nomination to join the Senate team, has made a point of listening to folks in the southern towns.

We’re available and responsive to the people we represent.  Please stay in touch.

Sen. Alison Clarkson
Sen. Dick McCormack
Rep. Becca White

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