Condos encourages Vermonters to register to vote

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos is promoting September as National Voter Registration Month and encouraging eligible Vermonters to register to vote.

“Your vote is your voice,” said Condos in a press release on Tuesday. “While Vermont’s voter friendly policies like automatic, online and same-day voter registration mean that Vermont’s voter registration rate is high, National Voter Registration Month in September serves as an important opportunity for us to engage more eligible but unregistered voters in the civic process. When we all participate our democracy grows stronger!”

National Voter Registration Month was established by Secretaries of State in 2002 to promote voter participate and increase civic knowledge of state voter registration policies.

“While some states around the country are restricting the rights of eligible voters to register and vote, in Vermont we have worked to remove barriers to the ballot box for eligible voters,” said Condos. “It is easy to register to vote online, or automatically while at the Department of Motor Vehicles through automatic voter registration, and same-day voter registration means that no eligible voter will be denied their right to register and cast a ballot on Election Day. During National Voter Registration Month we should be proud of Vermont’s status as one of the most voter friendly states in the country.”

Voting reforms like automatic voter registration save both time and money, are good for voters, and provide regular updates to Vermont’s voter checklist. Secretary Condos has advocated for this commonsense policy to become a national standard, in addition to establishing minimum voter registration standards for all states.

“In Vermont, we make it easy for every eligible voter who wishes to register and vote to be able to,” said Condos. “If you’re 18, or will be by the General Election on November 8, 2022, a U.S. citizen, and a Vermont resident, you are eligible to register to vote, so what are you waiting for? Register during National Voter Registration Month by clicking here or directly with your Town Clerk!”


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