To the editor: Vote for Republicans for Windsor Senate

Vermonters are facing hard economic and cultural times. A fair share of the blame for these hard times rests squarely on the shoulders of the current progressive, Democratic Party majority that dominates both branches of the General Assembly in Montpelier.

Since 1996, the Democrats have had control of the Vermont Senate. They have had control of the Vermont House since 2004.  Is Vermont better off for the decades of one party rule?  By almost every measure things have not improved for the average Vermonter. If you have lived here during this time and have observed the changes you understand things are not as they should be.

The daily news is full of stories of crimes of the most heinous sort, drug overdoses, overflowing emergency rooms, understaffed police services, prisons, schools and hospitals. Our public schools have strayed away from teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and have instead become focused on teaching the latest political and cultural agenda.  Lake Champlain, our largest body of water, is heavily polluted by runoff from overflowing wastewater systems. Many of our rivers and streams are in similar poor condition.

Young generational Vermonters and newcomers alike cannot afford to live and work here creating a huge strain on the organizations and businesses that take care of the needs of every one us.

As always, the only solution offered by the majority party is to tax us more, regulate us more and spend more of our hard earned and devalued money. This strategy has saddled the Vermont citizenry with a public debt of well over $6 billion with no efforts being made by those in power to address this other than kick the can down the road.

If you are concerned about all of this and would like change you can vote for Republican candidates to represent Windsor County in the Vermont Senate. They include Bill Huff. Bill is a retired airline pilot and a successful certified financial planner.  Dana Colson. Dana is an entrepreneur with decades of effective manufacturing experience and Alice Flanders, Alice is an actual retired NASA rocket scientist and distinguished retired officer of the U.S. Navy.

The definition of insanity is sending the same people who created our problems back to Montpelier and expecting them to fix these problems.  Please vote to stop this insanity.


Michele Mauti Lindberg
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  1. Randy Gray says:

    You are absolutely correct Michelle!

  2. Mary semones says:

    Well written and thought promoting letter.
    Thank you