Jackknifed tractor trailer closes slushy Grafton Road

By Shawn Cunningham
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The truck turned around by a jackknife and facing back from where it came. Courtesy Chester Police

The driver of a northbound tractor trailer lost control of his truck in slushy conditions on Route 35 in Chester on Friday, Jan. 6 and jackknifed winding up pointing in the opposite direction in a ditch. The mishap closed the Grafton Road from around 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The driver was uninjured.

According to Chester Fire Chief Matt Wilson, firefighters who were called to the crash found that the truck was carrying hazardous materials and had to don breathing gear before opening the trailer to see if anything was leaking.

“The load was actually very well secured within the vehicle, thank God, so nothing mixed together to cause damage,” said Wilson. “We stabilized the vehicle and had to stay until they have it back on the road in case it breaks apart while they’re” recovering the truck.

Fire, police and recovery personnel wait to reopen the road as the truck backs on to Popple Dungeon.

Chester Police Chief Tom Williams told The Telegraph that when the truck jackknifed, the trailer swung around, passing the cab, and pulled the truck into the ditch facing south and uphill.

A’s Auto & Truck of Brattleboro worked to recover the truck, which was driveable, and backed the rig down to the intersection with Popple Dungeon Road.

The Grafton Fire Department assisted with traffic control on the south end of the wreck until the Chester firefighters finished hazmat operations and could take over traffic.  Eight Chester firefighters worked on the scene and there were no injuries.

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