Ludlow Police: Mt. Holly man took his own life in parking lot

By Cara Philbin
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A Mount Holly man found dead in his car at the base of Okemo Mountain last Wednesday afternoon apparently used a firearm to take his own life, according to Ludlow Police.

Police Chief Jeff Billings told The Chester Telegraph that the body of Ronald McGreevey, 54, was discovered around 4:30 p.m. in a car parked in a shared parking lot on Pond Street.

Billings said that at least one person saw McGreevey pull into the lot and park his vehicle between noon and 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 22. Authorities believe McGreevey took his own life with a 12-gauge shotgun soon after and are awaiting the official autopsy report. The incident happened beyond the view of surrounding nearby security cameras.

McGreevey was found by an off-duty New York police officer visiting the area who noticed that the driver’s side window of the car, a white Hyundai Elantra with Georgia plates, was rolled down despite freezing temperatures, said Billings. The Telegraph did not speak with the officer, but a Danby man said that he saw the off-duty officer call emergency responders arrive around 4:45 p.m.

No one has reported hearing a shot, Billings said, despite the vehicle’s open window and close proximity to retail establishments. The firearm, according to several sources, would have created a very loud boom. Billings added that a regular attendant for the parking lot had taken the day off.

The area — at the corner of the resort mountain access – was busy that day. It was winter vacation for local public schools as well as school systems in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. The owner of a nearby restaurant said multiple employees had been present on the property since as early as 7 on Wednesday morning.

As of Friday, authorities had not located the spent ammunition shell or McGreevey’s car key, though Billings noted that both could be on the man’s body.

McGreevey moved to Vermont from the Atlanta area approximately 18 months ago, Billings said, but had been unemployed for the past six months. He said McGreevey was allegedly distraught at the idea of having to find a new place to live after his landlord decided to sell the Mount Holly home McGreevey he shared with a roommate.

Billings also said that Vermont State Police spent last Wednesday morning trying to obtain a warrant to temporarily hospitalize McGreevey, after his roommate discovered a note. He said that he did not see the original note, but had read a copy in which McGreevey detailed how he suffered from depression and had previously considered taking his own life. A representative for the Vermont State Police declined to comment on the matter, citing “confidentiality requirements surrounding issues such as the health or mental wellness of an individual.”

Billings added that McGreevey leaves behind a daughter.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression,  a mental health emergency or suicidal thoughts, call 988, the national suicide hotline phone number, to speak with someone or access the Suicide Prevention Lifeline website by clicking here.

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