Green Mountain graduates 47 in the Class of 2023 Commencement moved indoors due to threatening weather

Processional photos and cover photo by Tuckerman Wunderle. Other images courtesy of SAPA-TV

Processional photos and cover photo by Tuckerman Wunderle. Other images courtesy of SAPA-TV


By Shawn Cunningham
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Green Mountain High School’s five year run of perfect weather for its outdoor graduations came to an end last Friday as commencement ceremonies were moved to the gym for the 47 seniors, their families and friends.

Principal Keith Hill welcomes the graduates and their families

Principal Keith Hill welcomes the graduates and their families

At his final graduation as principal, Keith Hill welcomed everyone and said that the Class of 2023 has had “a journey indeed.” Hill encouraged them to “go out, do your best work, make change and be stewards of a better future.”

Commencement speaker Dylan Bate, who has taught language arts at GM for more than 20 years, spoke of all the problems of the world citing floods, fires, rising seas and other results of climate change. But Bate pointed out that times of risk offer the greatest reward. He also wished the class to find the kind of work that would make them want to get out of bed in the morning and offered a poem – The Summer Day – by Mary Oliver which ends with the line “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Jack Hinkley

Jack Hinkley

After Bates’ speech, three students who were recognized for “outstanding academic achievement” took to the podium to give short speeches.

  • Jack Hinkley told the gathering that he has only been at GM for three years and while coming to a new school was a challenge, he learned that new opportunities are a chance to step outside your comfort zone to learn and grow and develop character. He encouraged the class to accept new opportunities and meet new people because those experiences will change their lives for the better. “The worst thing is to stay stationary, the best is to trust in ourselves and enjoy the ride”
  • Eben Mosher

    Eben Mosher

    Eben Mosher thanked all of the faculty and staff that helped the class to get through all the challenges of each day with special attention for principal Keith Hill and class of 23 advisor Angela Hutchins. Turning to his classmates he said that they had taken this journey together and now would find their own paths but that the memories will stay with them. Mosher then played the song Blackbird on the guitar saying it had a special meaning for him and hoped that after this it would for his classmates as well.

  • Jane Thompson

    Jane Thompson

    Jane Thompson told the audience that she would rather use the quadratic equation one hundred times a day than write a speech but that she was taking the risk. Thompson spoke of “singular moments” in life and pointed to her adoption in China at nine months old. She said that this seems like a singular moment as well. She relayed some of her memories of teachers and said “Your story has not my story… but ultimately we are linked by the common thread of sitting here together ready to embark on the next stages of our lives… Stop, look around and take a few seconds to remember this moment.”

After the speeches, officers of the Class of 2023 presented the “Golden Apple Award” which is given to a staff member who has made the greatest impact over the years to Angela Hutchins. This was followed by the awarding of diplomas.

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