To the editor: Why I will vote for Nikki Haley in the Vermont presidential primary

I usually vote Democratic and will probably vote for President Biden in November, but I will be voting for Nikki Haley in Vermont’s presidential primary election on March 5. Here’s why:

Vermont is one of only 15 states that have an  open primary in which all registered voters, regardless of their party affiliation, can vote in either the Democratic or the Republican primary.

This time, I see no point in “wasting” that privilege by voting in the Democratic primary,  since Biden will certainly win that primary, with or without my vote. Instead, I will be voting in the Republican primary for Haley, as the only chance to keep Donald Trump off the general election ballot and, in doing so, to avoid the substantial risk of his reelection.

Regardless of your party affiliation, please join me in voting for Nikki Haley on Tuesday, March 5.

Judy Yogman

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