Green Mountain Power warns of phone scams

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Green Mountain Power is alerting customers about a sudden surge of scam calls from people claiming to be with the company.

According to a GMP, dozens of customers have reported a caller threatening immediate power shut off unless they pay their bills immediately. The company says these calls are scams and urges customers to be safe and hang up.

“We work with our customers, we’re here to help, and we would never threaten immediate shut off or demand payment over the phone,” said Liz Hart, manager of Customer Care for GMP. “If someone is claiming to be GMP and demanding payment, just hang up. It is a scam.”

GMP also gave a list of tips to help keep customers safe when scammers call:

  • Do not provide payment or personal information
  • Do not engage with the caller
  • Do not call back the number that called you
  • Call GMP Customer Service directly at 888-835-4672 to check the status of your account, report the call and any details about it, like the number it came from, the caller’s name, and what the caller said.

Green Mountain Communications director Kristen Kelly told The Telegraph that the calls have been received all over the state.

Customers are also encouraged to report scam calls to the Vermont Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program at 800-649-2424 (in state) or 802-656-3183 or online at by clicking here. 

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