To the editor: Thayer announces run for lieutenant governor

Hello my fellow Vermonters,

My name is Gregory Thayer and in fall of 2024, I am a candidate for the position of lieutenant governor of this great state of Vermont.

Every Vermonter needs to know that, with the current leadership in Montpelier, the future of Vermont looks bleak, and traveling down a stormy road. My goal is to create a different, a better future for the Green Mountain State.

Why am I running for lieutenant governor? Because (and I’ll bet most Vermonters don’t know this) the lieutenant governor can work with the administration to best manage the state as well as presiding over the legislation in the state Senate. It’s really the only role of government that works on both ends of the street … and that’s critical to righting our ship of state, which right now is headed right into a bad storm.

Vermont is increasing taxes (up to 20% on property next year alone). Renters, I know you don’t pay property tax. They charge your landlords an extra 25% and, believe me, your landlord will increase your rent up to take care of the payment. State government is regulating Vermonters into the poorhouse, with inflation up 18% in three years.

Vermonters know it, and the so-called leaders don’t seem to care what “We the People” say about it.

The so-called lawmakers running amok at the Statehouse do not get it. One socialist senator suggested that those who don’t accept the liberal agenda shouldn’t even get a voice in the debate — we all know that’s wrong.

State government now accounts for 10% of the state GDP alone, by itself. The biggest business in Vermont is the government. Is that what you really want?

The No. 1 economic sector in Vermont is real estate prices, including the rents. We all know those are going up at incredible rates. Still think Vermont’s government is doing a good job? Maybe if you’re a real estate billionaire, I’m not. House and Senate leaders need to lower taxes and cut spending together with lifting some regulations to start our state economy.

Regulatory burdens and mandates in Vermont are out of control. The economic demands placed on the private sector here are seemingly limitless if you ask the state legislature. Gas taxes are up 33% in the past 10 years. Housing prices have skyrocketed from $200,000 just 10 years ago to $400,000 today, no wonder our kids are relocating out of state. How is the future looking under Vermont Democrats now?

The New Home Heating Act and Global Warming Act are supposed to lower your heating costs, by forcing you to pay for a whole new heating system for your home. So, you should be saving money by 2050 — if you don’t freeze to death in the meantime or starve paying for the new equipment or surcharges on every gallon of fuel.

Wait until you hear what the wizards in Montpelier have planned for your car. They adopted the “California Standards,” which ban the sale of gasoline cars by 2030. The current legislature is letting California run Vermont 2030, remember, that’s six years away, folks. Time is running short, and we’re going right over a cliff.

How are you going to pay for all these increases?

There’s a real solution to all this, though, and its easy. I call it Article I. It’s in the Vermont Constitution. It says:
“All persons are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent, and unalienable rights, amongst which are the enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.”

Does it sound like the priorities in Montpelier square with what’s in the Vermont Constitution? Does it sound like the economy in Vermont is headed that way? Does it sound like the schools, infected as they are with critical race theory and “wokism” are?

Does it seem as if safety in Vermont is in good hands now? That the futures of our children are in good hands, both those born and unborn still?

I can’t say that it does right now. We can fix that. I’m going to walk with you. I will need your help. I need you to talk to your neighbors, families and friends. I need you to help me get to the lieutenant governor’s office this year. In exchange, I will pledge to support your rights, your opportunities, your happiness and your liberty.

With this, I am announcing my candidacy for the Republican nomination for Vermont lieutenant governor 2024.

Gregory M. Thayer, MBA

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