To the editor: Vermont legislators fail us with current tax policy

An open letter to Rep. Heather Chase and Sens. Wendy Harrison and Nader Hashim:

It is difficult to think that you, my representatives in the Vermont legislature, along with the rest of the Democrat/Progressive super-majority, are working in the interests of the people and the natural environment of this beautiful little state.

The added tax burden that you have voted for in the current session is an extraordinary set of tax increases and new taxes that will harmfully reduce the discretionary income of those you swore to represent.  In turn, small businesses will be undermined by both higher taxes and loss of customers and clientele.

Vermonters have told you that the education tax is too high even as the student population in the state grows ever smaller.  Now that a number of towns have voted down their school budgets, repeatedly, some of your party have suggested legislation that would allow the vote of town citizens to be bypassed and leave final budget decisions to school boards.  What a reactionary and regressive idea — to circumvent the democratic process, to negate the will of the people.  The idea resonates with new Democrat/Progressive legislation that allows local town and regional plans to be bypassed or ignored in the interests of “renewable” energy projects, again a regressive move away from local decision making and the interests of Vermonters.

Vermonters have told you they are worried that they will not be able to keep themselves warm in winter because of the expected increase in the price of heating fuels,  70 cents per gallon at a minimum, one consequence of the so-called Clean Heat Standard.  One Democrat senator half-jokingly suggested that an additional blanket would address the problem.

Vermonters have told you that the plan to get rid of all fossil fuels in the state is unrealistic and punitive to the citizens and businesses of this state.  A universal fuel tax that subsidizes those who can afford heat pumps amounts to taxing the poor to benefit the rich, again a regressive policy.

The electric grid operators have cautioned that complete electrification of the state’s energy supply is beyond the capacity of the grid and that the upgrade is beyond the financial wherewithal of our state.  Grid operators have also warned of the likelihood of black-outs because of inadequate backup energy sources for those inevitable times when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine.  The Democrat/Progressive extreme push for so-called renewables without heed to cautions from citizens, farmers, business people, environmentalists, energy specialists, and the state’s own officials is irrational and unworkable.

It is difficult to think that you are working in the interests of Vermonters.

Anna Vesely Pilette

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  1. Ramona Emery says:

    All of this is true and when they gave themselves a substantial raise and healthcare for acting in the interests of Vermonters during their promises adoption of these bills and policies that will economically hurt so many it showed how little they value our tiny state and its people. The Vermont Legislature is indeed like a runaway train and we are all on the tracks running backwards with our eyes on them as they barrel toward us at full speed.

  2. Steve Thurston says:

    The super majority legislature is like a runaway train. Governor Scott wants a Vermont people can afford to live in. The legislature gives us 18% property tax increases, massive increases in electricity costs with 100% renewable requirements, and who knows how much to pay for the switch to heat pumps and electric cars. New sales taxes on groceries, clothing, internet streaming where none existed before. Governor Scott can veto these bill but the super majority just laughs and overrides his vetoes. Only by voting for responsible legislators who will work with our governor can this be stopped