To the editor: Vote ‘yes’ on GM school budget

The Chester Telegraph article, What’s at stake in June 4 GM school budget vote? explains the complicated educational funding situation. It’s a lot to figure out, yet the bottom line is still the same: Our students, our families, our schools need your support.

A very clear message has been sent to our elected officials in Montpelier. School funding needs to be reformed. That said, our school board members and superintendent have done everything possible to minimize the impact of higher fixed costs. Not an easy task.

Our students did not create the educational funding system. They did not start the wars that are creating global unrest. Inflation is not their fault. At this time, with new leadership coming in, show your support for our schools and vote YES for the budget on June 4. It’s what we do.

Frank Kelley

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  1. Mike Kell says:

    I am so frustrated with politics being played out in Vermont pertaining to the education of our children! We need to revamp the funding system. That being said, we need to be creative with providing the education for our children. I am not in favor of small community schools that don’t break even! A balanced budget year over year. We are funding them at a cost per pupil that is escalating each year and I think of those on fixed incomes! Will they have to sell and move to a state that does not tax their social security, military pensions and /or retirement pensions?

    There needs to be a common-sense approach to funding education in Vermont! Our state is the 46th unfriendliest state in the nation! We have to real tax base!

  2. Arlene Mutschler says:

    I didnt vote for the inflation either. Not MY fault. Yet I am being asked to pay for it??? And Montpelier is adding more and more taxes because they all have their agendas to pay for. I have NO children (My choice I know); and yet Ive paid to educate other peoples children for over 50yrs. And see no results. I see children who can function in society without being entertained or placated with ‘stuff’. Yet know nothing of the outside world. And I am tired of it. The children of Vermont are at only 50% of the whole nation. I would like to think that the parents can step up and stop relying on the teachers to raise their children. And needing all kinds of expensive programs to compensate for the lack of parental supervision.

  3. Larry Semones says:

    Well-stated Frank.