To the editor: Andover Republican runs for VT House

I am running for the House seat in the district of Windham-Windsor-Bennington. This includes the towns of Andover, Weston, Londonderry and Winhall.

Earlier this spring, I was active in organizing the GOP in Andover and, to everyone’s surprise, the turnout was great. People are looking for change in our legislature. Families that have lived here for generations are finding their state unaffordable.

We encourage the other towns in our district to organize and gather around a unified message on which most Vermonters can agree. I will be running under the GOP G.E.T. R.E.A.L. platform, which promisesa path forward for all Vermonters, not just special interest groups.

Our town has not had a choice when it comes to its House seat. We’ve had eight years of only
Independents on the ballot, and before that, eight years of Democrats. We owe it to our voters to provide a choice, and provide a candidate that will say no to the absurdity in Montpelier. Vermonters can no longer afford to be ruled by a super-majority, including many activists who are ruled by lobbying groups.

We have given this super majority Cart Blanche, and they have given us unaffordable schools with low ratings with less students, regulations that are costly and make it impossible to build homes. Vermont is on the path to rank 3rd in the nation in overall taxes, and 2nd when it comes to property tax, if the Progressive Democrats and Independents have their way this year.

It’s time for reform and repealing. Check out the GOP G.E.T. R.E.A.L. platform coming to your town

Jan Payne
Candidate for the Vermont House

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