Black River Action Team (BRAT)

Black River Action Team (BRAT)
As a grassroots organization, Black River Action Team (BRAT) is responsible for Annual RiverSweeps. We began in 2000 with 4 volunteers, covering 100 feet of river. Now, dozens of volunteers, covering miles of river across several towns, have removed more than 500 shopping carts, along with innumerable tires and other debris, from riverbeds.

We perform monthly water sampling at 14 sites and instituted an "Adopt a Swimming Hole" program. Among our many other projects, we provide environmental education and citizen science projects, stream monitoring in proposed development areas, and clean-up at parades to prevent trash from entering the river.

We also started a "native nursery" on donated land to grow our own plants for streambank stabilization.

Donations are extremely appreciated; checks made out to "BRAT" can be mailed to us at 101 Perley Gordon Rd, Springfield, VT 05156. Funds support program costs for water-quality monitoring, river clean-up, educational workshops, and streambank stabilization tree planting.
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Kelly Stettner, Director

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101 Perley Gordon Road
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