Chester Chatter: Evenings on the front porch

By Ruthie Douglas
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On warm, soft summer nights, many times I sat out on our big wide wraparound porch on our farmhouse.

Our favorite spot was the front porch, which looked out over the river. Oftentimes before it got completely dark, we watched the deer head down to the river for a drink. They walked slowly and appeared as though they were tiptoeing. High up on the electric wires, kingfishers would sit, then dive in the river for their suppers.

For two weeks every August, a blue heron would come to the bend in the river, always alone. He would stand on one leg in the river, fishing for his meal.  We always wondered why he was alone.

Our living room Philco Radio stood between the two front windows, and we’d turn it around so that the speaker faced out the window so we could listen while we cooled ourselves on the porch.

We had no air conditioning and all of the bedrooms were on the second and third floors. We’d sit outside until hopefully the upstairs had cooled down enough to sleep. On this beautiful summer day, I am doing a bit of reminiscing.

Scene and heard

The Erskine family is well-known for their three-generation grain store business, which just sold to a new family last year, and those folks have retained the name.

The Erskines were always honest and fair. Bob Erskine, the second generation owner, died last week and he will be remembered fondly by many. Our thoughts are with the entire family.

At last a sun-filled Saturday for the American Legion outdoor flea market! It has been raining almost every weekend they tried to set up.

A happy birthday to two of my grandchildren: Dr. Lilly Hughes of Alaska and Alex Bolaski of Massachusetts.

Do you remember the meat-cutter at Al’s IGA?

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About the Author: Ruthie Douglas is originally from Springfield but has called Chester her home for 58 years, and has been writing the Chester Chatter column for more than 40 of those years. Ruthie is also a longtime volunteer throughout the community.

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