Road conditions in Chester and Weston

By Shawn Cunningham
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The following lists of road conditions are as of Thursday night, July 14. Work continues in Chester and Weston to make all of the roads passable. Please note, passable means just that. These are not permanent repairs, but fixes to make it possible so that everyone who needs to use the roads can do so. As the situation improves, the towns will turn their attention toward making more permanent fixes. The Weston Town Office has asked the public to “stay off the secondary roads except for emergencies and getting supplies. Just because it is listed as car or truck passable, the less traffic until it is fully repaired the better and it will keep our road crew safe.”

This is an evolving story and we will be updating changes as we receive them from the towns.

Chester roads

Amsden Hill Passable
Andover Road Passable
Baileys Mills Passable
Balch Road Passable
Blood Road Passable
Cavendish Road Passable
Cemetery Road Passable
Chandler Road Passable
Chase Brook Accessible for owners
Christmas Tree Accessible for owners
Colburn Not Passable
Crow Hill Passable
Cummings Passable
Davidson Hill Passable
Dean Brook Not Passable
Dodge Road Passable
Eddy Road Passable
Ethan Allen Passable
Farrar Road Passable
Fenton Not Passable
First Avenue Passable
Flamstead Passable
Goldthwaite Passable
Goodrich Passable
Gould Road Passable
Green Mtn Turnpike Passable
Hall Road Passable
Hidden Heights Pasable
High Street Passable
Jewett Road Not Passable
Kingsbury Not Passable
Lovers lane Passable to Randall Camp
Mattson Passable
Miner Road Passable
Mineral Springs Not Passable
Murdock Road Not Passable
Newton Road Not Passable
Nudist Camp Passable
Pennell Passable
Pleines Road Passable
Popple Dungeon Passable – as of 7 p.m. on 7/14, the bridge just west of Nudist Camp Road is closed
Potash Passable
Quarry Passable
Randall Camp Not Passable
Reservoir Passable
Richardson Not Passable
Roach Passable
Route 35 Passable through Chester
Sewer Plant Road Not Passable
Smokeshire Passable almost to town line
Snell Passable
Sugarbush Accessible for owners
Suursoo Road Accessible
Swett Road Not Passable
Temple Road Passable
Thompson Not Passable
Trebo Passable
Waterfarm Road Accessible for owners
Whitmore Brook Not Passable
Willard Not Passable
Williams Road Accessible for owners
Wymans Falls Passable


Weston roads

Lawrence Hill Rd: The BRIDGE (Between 100 and Landgrove Rd) IS NOT PASSABLE, DO NOT WALK OVER
Lawrence Hill Rd – From Landgrove Rd to Greendale Rd is passable by car
Greendale Rd – Rte 100 to Jenny Coolidge Rd is car passable Greendale Rd – Past Jenny Coolidge is NOT PASSABLE.
Jenny Coolidge Rd – NOT PASSABLE
Moses Pond Rd – Cars can pass to about Peabody Hill Rd, the rest is truck passable only
Parker Lane – Passable
Trout Club Rd – Cars can pass up until Turner Rd, the rest is truck passable only
Landgrove Rd – Car passable up until Holden Hill Rd, the rest is truck passable only
Old County Rd – Car passable
Priory Hill Rd – passable
Wildes Way – Car Passable
Ettinger Rd – Truck passable only
Cider Mill Rd – Truck Passable
Slawson Rd – Car passable
Maple Hill Rd – Ok
Burton Rd AND Obed Moore Rd- NOT PASSABLE, Emergency access ONLY
Bailey Rd – Ok
Chester Mountain Rd – OK
Holden Hill Rd – Car passable
Hells Peak Rd – Car Passable
Highland View – Car passable EXCEPT ½ way up between South of Middle Rd and Johnson Hill Rd
Johnson Hill Rd- Car Passable
Boynton Rd – Car Passable
Piper Hill Rd- Car passable EXCEPT hill between 100 and Foster Rd NOT PASSABLE
Foster Rd – OK
Dale Rd – Car Passable
Old Tavern Rd – Car Passable

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